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Condo Social Network

The First social Network that connects Condo Owners/Tenants, Condo Boards Inside of Condo Buildings and between Condo Buildings

This network allows you to discuss Your Condo Problems Inside of the building and share your experience and exchange with opinions between Condo Buildings

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Why Join Condo-Social Network?

It allows you:
  • to discuss your Condo expenses and any problems with your building neighbors keeping everything in a secret within your building
  • to ask Condo Owners of other Buildings about their experience and get an advice
  • to find someone for baby sitting or your pet caring in your building or in the building nearby
  • to sell your condo without realtor’s Commission (coming soon)
  • to sell or buy something
  • to advertise your local Business to your Neighbors

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Find People with Your Same Interests

Just Sign Up the Network here
Place your message and get connected with your new friends


Find someone or something you need very fast

Just Sign Up the Network here
Place your request of something you need or services are you looking for (inside of the building or select a list of the buildings are you interested) and wait for a response

Improve your Condo Living and decrease your Condo Fee

Compare your Condo Fee with Similar Condos here. Just connect to this page Download Your Condo Statements and list of Contractors here to get your Condo Performance KPIs compared, get an Advice what might be Improved and get a list of the best Contractors that might be useful for you Discuss that Analysis with your Neighbor to plan a course of action Discuss with your Condo Management advantages and disadvantages of using www.condo-fairtender.ca to publish your Condo Projects and Vacancies to make contractors compete for your Condo Job and as a result find the best Contractors that provide the best Condo Services for the best price!

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Are you feeling frustrated with your Condo Life expenses and worries ?


Living in a condominium can be a fantastic experience, but it is not without its challenges. Condo owners and directors must follow a lot of rules, regulations, and understand how much they need to contribute to an operation, and reserve funds  to maintain their buildings in a good shape. Fortunately, there is now a virtual community designed to connect condo owners, tenants and condo directors, and service providers to discuss any issues, and exchange opinions and experiences. 


Condo Social is an innovative social network (Patent Pending) for condo owners and directors is a great way to help address the various financial and non financial issues related to real estate management and condo living. This online platform provides an independent space where condo owners, directors, and other stakeholders in the real estate industry can come together to exchange ideas,  discuss common issues and experiences. All participants are verified, but all private data as a unit number and emails and phones are not disclosed. The only personal detail that is shared is a first name. So, condo owners, directors are free to express their opinions.Through the network, condo owners and directors will have access to communications between the buildings to exchange opinions such as information on building maintenance and best service providers. This can be especially helpful for those living in condo buildings in the Greater Toronto Area or throughout Ontario. By networking with fellow condo owners and directors, participants can learn from each other’s experiences and share best practices. 

This condo owner social network also offers a platform of condo owners voice where any condo owners/directors / or tenants might tell their story or share their problem to get urgent help. There is a page where users can make a  video complaint and the response will be supervised.  Whether you are looking for help with building maintenance, dealing with difficult tenants, or managing expenses, this social network for condo directors can help.


Condo Social Network also offers a great community for condo service providers to showcase their expertise through a brief consultation and be invited to the tender or just get RFQ. 


Condo Social provides a unique opportunity for condo owners and condo directors that want to improve transparency, and open more opportunities for condo owners to come together, collaborate and actively influence their condominium financial and non-financial decisions. With the help of this network, condo directors and owners can make more informed decisions, build better relationships with tenants, and access resources to help them with their condo living experience. 


Condo Social Network for condo owners, directors, and tenants  is a great tool for those living in Toronto, Ontario or even the whole  Canada, and can make a huge difference in the success of condo management efficiency, and the overall condo living experience. With its help, condo owners and directors can collaborate, share resources, and learn from each other to make their experience as smooth and successful as possible.


One of the primary benefits of this social network is a condo community to make condo service marking more transparent, competitive, which definitely is going to decrease condo fees and create great connections between condo owners and with condo service providers. By sharing experiences and advice with others in similar situations, condo owners and directors can feel more confident in managing the unique challenges of condo living.


Additionally, the platform offers a variety of services to help condo owners and directors with any problems they may encounter. Whether you need legal advice, financial assistance, or support with building management, the network has a wide range of resources to help you navigate the complex world of condo living.


Overall, Condo Social is an essential tool for anyone living in a condominium in Toronto, Canada, and Ontario. With its focus on community, support, and services, it offers everything you need to thrive in your condo home.

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