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Interactive Complaint

Condo Owner, if you are feeling frustrated!  


Interactive Complaint is to help overcome problems fast, using Video/Audio/Text simplified complaint form that will be controlled by condo-social.ca administrator, to make sure that company fixed the problem.

Every company will be ranked as

  1. “Highly Responsible” (a company responded fast and fixed the problem fast),
  2. “Responsive” (a company responded fast, but it takes time to fix the problem),
  3. “Not Responsible” (a company responded but did not fix the problem),
  4. “Not Responsive” (a company did not respond at all).

That rank is based on condo owners’ experience and has a goals:
- to encourage service providers to provide better quality of services and satisfy condo owner
- to let other condo owners’ know about good and bad experiences related to particular service providers.


Get somebody responded to your concerns



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