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Get In Touch with Your Condo Neighbours!

Get In Touch with Your Condo Neighbours!

Get In Touch with Your Condo Neighbours!

The fact that Condo Owners living in one building are separated from each other by Privacy restrictions and Culture of such Community's Living prevent them to communicate with each other Effectively 

inspired us to create such Condo Social network for Condo Owners and Condo Board Directors

to allow Condo Owners to: 

  • discuss Condo problems within one Condo-building using an internal level of the network, such way of Communication protects your Property Value and Privacy;

  • discuss Condo Owner’s experience with another Condominiums Condo Owners using external closed channel;

  • find a fast, suitable solution of any Condo problem using other Condo Owners’ advice or Experts’ advice;

  • sell a Condo unit not paying any commission;

  • let the neighbours know about Condo Owners’ business services;

  • spread the word about something important.

to allow Board Directors to:

  • communicate with other Condominiums’ Boards of Directors and exchange with experience regarding Condo Services Improvements, the best Contractors, Budgeting and Funding and organize Common Projects to make Condo Improvements more affordable

It is clear reality that Condo Communities are the most important and useful communities in Toronto especially with constantly growing population of Condo buildings.

Building connections with neighbours in a Condominium and share Owners experience with Condo Owners of other Buildings are very important needs taking into account fast growing Condo prices, maintenance Fees and numbers of similar Owners problems.

Condo-social is the Private Social Network helps people to build stronger, more powerful Owners Communities and well managed Condominiums, more affordable Maintenance Fee and better Quality of Condo Living.

Condo-social is a privately-held by CondoBI Canada Corporation based in Toronto 

www.condo-social.ca is Free for Condo Owners and Directors and it’s easy to sign up and use!




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