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All contributions have been made but replacements needed have not been done!

All contributions have been made but replacements needed have not been done!

My Condominium made $490,000-$540,000/year annual contributions into reserve fund but according to the Condo corporation report there are ~ $80,000-$92,000 annual expenses for major repairs and replacements done for something not planned. But the main components like wall paper and baseboards in the corridors have not been replaced in spite of the Expenses' plan of the Reserve Fund Study.
The wall paper in the corridors is worn and dirty! Owners raised the problem on AGM but the board prefers to save money rather than to realize the planned replacements.

What owners can do to make the Board to perform Condo replacements which owners have already paid for in advance, as annual Contributions into Reserve Fund?

Repair disputes proceed by Notice of Application to the Superior Court, even where the dollar amounts involved are small, and well below the limits of the Small Claims Court. In the last few years, Ontario has established a new Condominium Authority Tribunal. Its scope of authority over the subject matter may be expanded in the future, but at the current time, it remains quite narrow and does not extend to repair disputes.

One of effective way might be to discuss the list of major repairs and replacements with the neighbors at www. condo-social.ca using Owners' Private network (Dashboard) and request the Board to make replacements at least the items listed in the Plan of the Expenses from Reserve Fund.

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