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Almost every condo owner encounters a variety of issues related to condo services. And there is no clear way to resolve the problems with low quality of services or rudeness of a condo manager. Sometimes, condo owners go through hell trying to fix the problem because a property manager is not responsive and it takes months to get the problem resolved, but in some cases, the problem stays with a condo owner forever.  


Common Complaints

Here are some common complaints that condo owners may have:


  • Maintenance and Repair Issues are a common complaint among condo owners. This can include issues such as leaky pipes, faulty elevators, broken HVAC systems, or other problems that can affect the safety and comfort of residents.


  • Noise Disturbances from neighbors can be a significant source of frustration for condo owners. This can include excessive noise from parties, loud music, barking dogs, or other disruptive activities.


  • Inadequate security measures can leave condo owners feeling unsafe in their own homes. This can include issues such as broken locks, malfunctioning security systems, or insufficient lighting in common areas.


  • Financial mismanagement by condo management can be a significant concern for owners. This can include issues such as misappropriation of funds, failure to maintain accurate financial records, or unexpected increases in condo fees.


  • Violation of condo rules and bylaws can create tension between owners and management. This can include issues such as parking violations, unauthorized renovations, or failure to comply with noise restrictions.


  • Poor communication from condo management can lead to confusion and frustration among owners. This can include issues such as failure to provide timely updates on maintenance or repair issues, or failure to respond to owner inquiries in a timely manner.


By understanding these common complaints, condo owners can better navigate any issues that may arise and take appropriate action to address them


Understanding Your Rights as a Condo Owner

Living in a condo comes with its unique set of rules and regulations. As a condo owner, it's important to understand your condo rules, your owner’s rights and responsibilities. Some of your primary rights are to write a letter to a board, to property manager or to file a complaint against a service provider or a condo manager if they fail to fulfill their obligations.


What Qualifies as a Valid Complaint?

Before making a complaint, it's essential to ensure that your grievance is valid. Valid complaints are those that relate to the management's responsibilities as outlined in your condo agreement. These responsibilities can include the upkeep and maintenance of common areas, handling of finances, and enforcing condo rules and bylaws.

Steps to Making a Complaint 

If you believe that you have a valid complaint, there are several steps you can take to address the issue.

Review Your Condo Declaration

The first step is to review your condo declaration to understand the situation better. You will identify if you need to complain and get insights on how to proceed.

Contact Condo Management

Before escalating the matter, it's best to reach out to a condo manager and try to resolve the issue. If the management is not responsive, or you are not satisfied with the outcome, you can submit your simplified complaint through condo-social.ca It is just 3 steps:

  • Write a person name, email and a company’s name you are complaining about,
  • Record your complaint in Video, Audio or in Text format,
  • Submit your complaint..


Do not forget to enter your contact details to get your complaint responded to by the company or/ a personnel you are complaining about.


Your complaint will be under condo-social.ca control. You will get notified as soon as it is responded. The response will be in Video, Audio and in Text format.  Based on that  company response/or “No response” the company will be ranked accordingly to let other condominiums know about condo owners experiences. Such publicity of problem resolution should stimulate service providers to resolve the problems better and faster. 


If Interactive Complaint was not Helpful

If you have exhausted all options and the issue remains unresolved, you can file a formal complaint further. This complaint should be in writing and detail the nature of the issue, the steps taken to resolve it, and the desired outcome.

Contact the Condominium Authority

If the problem is still not resolved,, you can contact the condominium authority in your area. They will investigate the matter and may mediate between you and appropriate parties to reach a resolution.

Seek Legal Advice

If all else fails, you may need to seek legal advice to take further action against condo management/ or other parties.



Making a complaint about condo services, or about management can be a daunting task, but it's essential to ensure that your rights as a condo owner to get services and help you pay for. By following the steps outlined above and being persistent, you can successfully resolve any issues. 

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