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How do you determine routine maintenance frequency?

How do you determine routine maintenance frequency?

I read some of the building’s equipment manual and some in-suite ones, and they all say periodic maintenance is required. I know common ones include generator, building HVAC and in-suite HVAC, fire safety, garage door, compactor, windows, garage wash/draining, etc. Are there any industry standards? (Or maybe some associations to the life of the equipment?)

Hi Willow, thanks for all your questions! If at least 10% of directors could take the initiative, like you, apartment owners, they would receive the best services and the lowest commissions.
This issue should be considered by the authorities of the industry. When this happens, it is very important to prevent than to correct.
But there are no industry standards.
We are going to contact service providers and ask them to share their views on your very important issues.
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